13 January 2013

Accidental Paneer

     The other night I had the good fortune of being able to base an entire meal on an experiment gone awry. 
     I make my own yogurt, because the tubs you can buy in the store are like a single mouthful for me. To get even cheaper, I decided to try making yogurt from rehydrated dry milk. Instead of yogurt, I ended up with a bucket of water with a smaller bucket-shaped cylinder at the bottom. The substance seemed to be cultured properly, but the texture was denser and grainy, almost like hummus. My ever-positive mom was fortunately around to say "I bet that would be GREAT with some salt and garlic", and a fantastic cheese-like substance was born. 
     I put it over salmon (with honey) and scalloped potato with mouthwatering, cheap, and nutritious results. 

1 comment:

  1. That looks delicious. I've been looking up some yogurt recipes lately. I think I might try my first batch this weekend.