02 December 2012

Red Velvet Cupcakes

For Susan's birthday I made the Smitten Kitchen Red Velvet Cake recipe and adapted it for cupcakes. They're delicious. I've also learned that the secret for the best cream cheese frosting ever is to whip it! It's much lighter and fluffier that way. I always used to just stir and ice; no more!


  1. I tried red velvet from a package the other day and found it a bit rich- please share the recipe at some point!

  2. PS- Can I be invited to post on here?

  3. Invited!

    The recipe is just the link in the post made into cupcakes instead of cake, and cooked for a shorter amount of time. The blog author gives instructions on how to adapt them, but it's not difficult at all.

    I found that I baked these for a tad too long though, and they were a bit firm. It might have also been because I beat the batter too long (?), so be mindful of that.

    But I still thought they were delicious. They have this cool tangy/sweet thing going on because of the vinegar you add to the batter combined with the icing.

    It's a little gross how much red food colouring is in there though.

    Side bar: Joel mentioned to me the other day that Jos. Louis's are red velvet cake; how astute.