27 October 2012

The Perfect Scrambled Eggs

I just made this delicious recipe for scrambled eggs. Probably the best I've ever had. It's Gordon Ramsay's "Perfect Scrambled Egg" recipe. I substituted cream cheese for the creme fraiche, and fresh basil for the chives. Next time I'll use quite a bit less butter because they were soooo rich. Delicious! It's also a lot of fun to watch Ramsay cook.


  1. Did someone show this to me? Because I remember watching it before. Anyhow, another note about this is that he's said "generous heat". I thought he said "gentle heat" at first and was stirring for over 10 minutes while nothing was happening. So definitely remember it's quite a bit of heat needed.

    I, sadly, didn't have any tomatoes on hand but they look amazing.

  2. Alexander and I make our eggs with this method! So tasty. We do it over low heat and it takes forever, but the results are worth it.

    The eggs are super good on toast with that hot sauce you tried at my place, Lindsay.

  3. mmm, I'll bet! I'm asking for that hot sauce for Christmas.

  4. I would get so stressed out if I moved as quickly in the kitchen as he does!
    I want that bread.